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Wedding Timeline :How to Plan the Picture-Perfect Timeline?

Summary: How to plan your wedding timeline so you get the best photos of your special day.

Weddings are important moments. Regardless of your cultural background and the wedding traditions you are including in your day, a lot of work has gone into planning a series of events that span a single day. That means that your time is valuable on your wedding day, and in order to make sure you fit everything in, you need a proper timeline. Of course, that timeline shouldn’t just account for the day’s events. You also need to adapt your schedule to allow for the photography that will capture each and every important moment.

What are the important photo time blocks you don’t want to forget to include in your schedule?

1) Capturing the details:

Action shots of the main event are important, but you also want some still-frame behind the scenes shots to make your photo recap feel more complete. That means setting aside some time to capture pictures of all the small details that have come together to make your day amazing. You’ll want photos of things like the wedding dress, the Invitation suite, the shoes, the rings, the bouquet, and any of the other details that you’ve labored for months to get just right for your day.

How much time do you need?

Set aside 30 minutes in the morning at the bridal suite or hotel suite. Schedule this before everyone needs to start getting ready.

2) The Bride's preparation:

You’ve chosen the people who matter the most to you to be a part of your day, so you’ll want photos of the time you spend together getting ready: close-ups of hair and makeup applications, candid shots of the bridesmaids they share your excitement for the day, and the other photos that will capture memories from the behind-the-scenes moments that are reserved for you and your favorite people.

How much time should you set aside for this?

Around 60 minutes (but keep in mind that you won’t want to rush these memories) in the morning or early afternoon at the bridal suite or hotel suite. You’ll want photographers capturing the behind-the-scenes moments for both halves of the wedding party.

3) Individual portraits:

You’ll want to set aside 20 minutes to catch individual portraits of the bride, and the best time is usually right after everyone finishes getting ready. Ideally, this will be in the morning or early afternoon, and it can take place in the hotel, venue lobby, the venue garden, or an external location that you’ve chosen for wedding photos.

4) Reception Details:

Before the wedding starts, you’ll want to allow around 30 minutes to capture some photos of the venue and some of its key details before guests start to enter. This should take place in the morning or early afternoon.

5) Wedding party photos:

This can either take place before or after the ceremony, depending on the couple’s preferences, but you will want to allow 40 minutes for the wedding party to be photographed in your venue or at an off-site location. Remember to calculate travel time

6) Family photos:

Don’t forget to bring your immediate family with you for your wedding party photos. You’ll have the perfect setting to spend about 30-45 minutes capturing some important shots with them, too. Weddings mean a lot to your immediate family (that’s why they want to help you with the details), so make sure you allocate around 3 minutes per family group to capturing some nice photos.

7) Couples portraits:

You’ll want to spend between 30 - 45 minutes getting those all-important newlywed couple portraits. These are the most important ones, so be generous on the timeframe here. Ideally 45 minutes

8) Sneak-away couples Portraits during Reception: Sunset

Even I have capture your portraits earlier on the day, remember to set aside 15 minutes for Sunset Photos during the reception for some sneak-away couples photos, too.

9) Night Couple Portraits: