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Newborn Photography Session Tips

Five Things You Need to Know Before your Newborn Photography Session

New life! It’s precious and you want to capture every single moment. The one thing all parents know, however, is that babies grow quickly. To capture the magic and wonder of the earliest phase, you need a newborn photography session, and I’m here to ensure that you not only get the most memorable photos, you get an entire day to remember.

You may be wondering, “how can I do a newborn photography session when I’m still nursing and baby is still sleeping most of the day?” Do not worry. I have extensive experience in photographing newborns, and I allow extra time for parents to soothe and feed their babies.

Here are five things you can do ahead of time to prepare for the session, and once you are here, just relax. You and baby are the star of the show and will enjoy a calming, sweet session that results in the best newborn baby photographs.

  • Schedule the Newborn Baby Photoshoot for Just After Nap Time

If baby has a set nap time, schedule the shoot to coincide with a time he or she will be awake. While it is possible to do an entire shoot of a sleeping baby, most parents want at least a couple shots featuring baby’s eyes and big, toothless grin. Post-nap babies (and also post-fed babies) are usually very content and easier to manage during the photoshoot.

  • Think Comfort, not Style

To ensure maximum comfort for you and baby, along with times to feed and change diapers, newborn photography sessions take over an hour. Do not expect baby to keep a frilly dress or baby-tux pristine during this time. An overdressed baby is too warm and fussy, and a special outfit can quickly become the victim of a messy burb. The best newborn photos are of baby in their diaper and birthday suit. This natural approach is more authentic and keeps baby more comfortable during the session.

  • Spoil Yourself!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot for you and your baby! It’s a special day, so celebrate accordingly. Pamper yourselves a little and book that pedicure, sponge down baby with a warm cloth, have a meal out. Make it a day of joy for the both of you, culminating with a photoshoot you will treasure forever.

  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy

As the popular song goes: don’t worry, be happy. We expect babies to be babies. That means they may cry, soil a diaper, and not co-operate on the day of the shoot. That’s okay! As a professional photographer, I have all the experience needed to get good shots no matter what. I work around baby, moving to capture him or her rather than relying on baby staying in one position. I provide ample time for you to tend to baby’s needs. This day is about you, and I ensure you both can enjoy it.

  • Arrive on Time

While it can be hard to get out the door with a newborn sometimes, arriving on time ensures you get the full value of your session. While we allow extra time for newborn shoots, being 30-45 minutes late can impact your session and make you arrive feeling stressed and anxious.

I look forward to capturing the special new life you and your partner have created or adopted. I promise you photos, and a session, that you will love. Contact me today to learn more.

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