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Miami Headshots Photographer: Corporate vs Personal Branding?

My name is Claudia Oliver and I am known across Miami for my work as a wedding, maternity, and newborn photographer. Based on requests and popular demand, I am expanding my photography business to help professionals, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce sellers stand out with expert brand photography in Miami. I photograph products (including hero shots, transparencies, etc.), but I also photograph the people behind those products – namely, you!

Personal Branding vs a Corporate Headshot?

Personal branding photography is specifically targeted towards brands and businesses looking for images used for

marketing. Corporate Headshots are images of your face that can be used for personal branding. It can include

several photos that can demonstrate who you are!


If you are a small business and you are looking to enhance your professional image online,

In the branding content photography sessions, we create lifestyle images of your product for your Social media, Blog,

website, Pinterest, or instagram.

Why is branding photography important for your business?

Brand photography establishes trust between consumers and your company. It contributes to the companies

reputation and creates an approachable human visual story of your brand. Ultimately this will help you grow your


Claudia Oliver photography Studio offers branding photography sessions that provide images for Social Media, Blog Posts,

websites, Pinterest, and Instagram to enhance your professional online image.

Brand Photography: Why it Works?

Brand photography takes everything about your brand message and captures it in a compelling photo. It works because it invites the reader to learn more, instantly catching their interest and showing them why your brand is essential in their life.

Brand Photography: Why it Matters?

The world of business and e-commerce moves very fast and thanks to a globally connected community, it’s harder than ever to stand out. Buyers have choices like never before, from a range of products to how fast they can be shipped to their doorstep. In order for your buyers to choose you over your competitor, you must catch their interest in a split second. A brand photographer in Miami can give you the advantage you need.

You are the most important part of your brand’s messaging. With one photo, as a brand photographer in Miami, I can create that all-important human connection between, your product, and your target audience.

Step 1: Pre-Consultation

I’m not going to ask you to just come in and pose. I take the time to fully understand your company, what you offer, and why you offer it. We’ll get into why you wanted to serve the public with your brand promise and we will also discuss the emotions you want your message to convey. This way I know if we are making your shot playful, dramatic, soulful, somber, wistful, etc.

Step 2: Planning

I have a variety of plans to suit a variety of budgets. We discuss which one you are most comfortable with, then customize the shoot around that. This is a collaborative process and you are involved every step of the way as we discuss the location, the wardrobe, the props, and more.

Step 3: the shoot

It all comes down to this! Relax and enjoy this special day! With our direction you’ll be working the shoot like a pro and having a blast every second.

Step 4: the photos

The result is a suite of digital photos you can use again and again, with several different shots so you can determine which one is your profile pic, which one goes on your “thanks for your purchase” card, and which one goes on social media. Don’t worry, no matter how you choose, there is a unified theme so your viewers can instantly recognize your brand no matter which platform they are using.

Your Brand Photographer in Miami

Let me show you how others can fall in love with your brand by capturing the true essence of it as portrayed by you in a photograph. I am the brand photographer in Miami of choice for those looking for the best way to express their business identity.


We can help you organize images of your products to publish on platforms like Instagram, Blogs, and Pinterest.
These images are what help the consumer understand the story behind the brand and can create credibility for the
brand itself. They also are helpful in attracting new customers!

The images we will provide you with can be shared on Instagram, Blogs, Pinterest, or websites. They can help attract
clients to your product and inform them of what your brand is about.

We will meet beforehand to talk about what the images you want are. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how you
want something to look, but that's what I will help you with!

A session including hair and makeup will be around 3 hours long!

Of course! As long as we discuss beforehand the timing and how many changes are necessary it will be fine! When
scheduling the photoshoot we can take into consideration the time of everything!

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