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Complete Guide How to Plan a Miami Micro-Wedding or Elopement:

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, wedding planning has become even more complex in 2020. However, you can still celebrate one of the happiest days of your life with a new trendy option. The Miami micro-wedding is on the rise along with elopement. While you may not have considered it previously, there are excellent reasons why this may be the right direction to go for your celebration.

Here are our best tips on how to plan a Miami micro-wedding or elopement!

What is a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is a smaller-scale celebration that typically has a guest count of 20 or fewer people. It also has a shorter and much more simplistic timeline. Micro-weddings will have a quick ceremony and a more casual and relaxed reception (if the couple opts for one at all).

Miami micro-weddings are trending because this style of ceremony can be catered to fit the couple’s location preferences. Whether you want a Key west intimate ceremony, or Tie the Knot AT the Bahamas, or a Daytime ceremony at the Vizcaya Museum in the most iconic and Historical venues in Miami a micro-wedding can be easily altered to whatever you’re feeling. t

Its primary focus is on the wedding itself, so it brings it down to a smaller and more manageable scale. Larger weddings often place a greater emphasis on guests and receptions, whereas micro-weddings typically relax their emphasis on these features.

Benefits of a micro-wedding

Those who opt for micro-weddings often feel that they provide the same memories of a traditional wedding, from getting ready to the reception, while keeping it less stressful and more affordable. Additionally, with the outbreak of COVID-19, large weddings are no longer a possibility in most parts of the world. Nonetheless, a micro-wedding still allows you to celebrate this important day with all your favorite people while following CDC guidelines. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate and entirely customizable to your tastes.

Now, the traditional marriage format is evolving so rapidly that there are more names you may be hearing thrown around as you begin to plan. While some people are planning micro-weddings purposefully, others are spontaneously throwing together a “Mini-mony” (mini ceremony) as a substitute for a wedding that got postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus. In that case, they’re still planning to have a larger celebration down the road, which is termed their “sequel wedding.” Read more from The Knot about the difference in What Is a Mini-mony Compared to a Micro-wedding? This can be especially helpful if you’re in the middle of wedding planning during the quarantine.

What is the difference between a micro-wedding and an elopement?

The micro-wedding remains more similar to a traditional wedding – just on a smaller and more manageable scale. Elopements are typically for couples who want more freedom to choose their location, guests, and details.

Your original impression of an elopement is a Vegas-style celebration. The couple has an intimate and slightly spontaneous wedding with (maybe) a handful of guests and no real planning. But this isn’t always the case. An elopement can blend traditional and non-traditional elements and became an elopement wedding – even if this contradicts your initial idea.

An elopement places all of its emphasis on the unity of the couple. It provides freedom for the couple to choose what they want at a fraction of the price and stress that either traditional or micro-weddings provide. That said, all of these types of ceremonies are ways to celebrate love and are focused on your happiness (your wallet may just be the happiest with an elopement!).

Pros and cons of having a Miami micro-wedding and elopement

PROS: Miami micro-wedding

  • Lower cost than traditional wedding

  • Selective guestlist
  • Customizable
  • Micro-wedding packages (new at many venues as it becomes trendier!)
  • COVID-19 friendly
  • Relaxed feel
  • Intimate
  • Two different locations for the wedding ceremony and reception

CONS: Miami micro-wedding

  • Unable to invite everyone

PROS: Miami elopement

  • Lowest cost of all wedding options
  • COVID-19 friendly
  • Creative location choice
  • Intimate
  • Not stressful

CONS: Miami elopement

  • No reception after / you can still celebrate later a Reception with friend
  • No wedding registry
  • No bridal party
  • Limited guest count

Basic wedding planning tips for Miami elopements and micro-weddings

Who: Newly engaged couples, couples without time to plan, those who want a secret wedding, couples who’ve always dreamed of an intimate wedding or don’t like traditions, couples who want to save money, couples who have always dreamed of getting married in a scenic location in Miami.

The benefit of micro-wedding or elopement is that you also get to have all of your favorite people there as well. Elopements and small weddings can sometimes be a sensitive topic with family members or loved ones who want to be included.

Where: The most common locations for Miami micro-weddings and elopements are Miami beaches, the Bahamas, and the Florida Keys. One of the greatest benefits of having a Miami micro-wedding is that you’re not far from some other incredible destinations. If you want to have your ceremony at one venue and your reception at another, then, by all means, do it! Certainly a creative take, and you can take this license when you have a smaller guest count.

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married in the Vizcaya Museum, did you know that they have Daytime Intimate Ceremony packages for up to 50 people?

Learn more about the Vizcaya Daytime ceremonies here and see our latest Vizcaya gallery photos

When: Weekdays because why not? A micro-wedding or elopement is a great way to save money, which is often important to couples just starting out.

Florida has ideal weather year-round, which gives you a few more options that you may have with other parts of the country. In fact, Miami can get fairly steamy in July and August. Get creative with your wedding date, and you’ll not only enjoy great weather but perhaps even better prices if you’re not in peak months such as June or September.

Final thoughts

There you have it! Everything you need to know about planning a Miami micro-wedding or elopement. These are especially popular right now and will help you walk down the aisle stress-free and on budget.

It doesn’t matter the path that you choose to celebrate your love, photography coverage will remain exactly the same. In the end, we’ll cover every step of a traditional wedding, from getting ready to the getaway with your spouse (yes, you can still have your sparkler exit or use that convertible car!). Emotions will be high, and we’ll all be there for you!

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