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Tips and Recommendations for Engagement photos at Vizcaya

1-Get a photography permit online before hand

A photo permit is required at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday $ 250.

Saturday and Sunday $350

Now you can reserve your photoshoot in advance, the cost is only $ 25 and the balance is due at the entrance, This allows you to hold your place and the loan of a wagon . To Reserve online Click here

2-Plan your session In Winter:

During winter, from November 1 to March 1, Afternoon are perfect and is the only time of the year that you can do sunset photos at Vizcaya Museum. The Weather is perfect !

I strongly suggest not to book afternoon during summer, if you have no other choice early in the morning will the best time to photograph at Vizcaya during this season

3- What time of the day should I schedule photos at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens?

I recommend The ‘magic hour’ of light (the last two hours before the sun goes down) and typically schedule engagement shoots to take place during this time. Since Vizcaya Museum hours of Operations are from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, the only time this is possible is during winter.

4- What about Hair and Make Up?

Although you can get away with doing your hair and make-up yourself, I always suggest either getting it professionally done by the person you are hiring for your wedding, they have trials, and this is a perfect moment to use test this vendor.

5- What should you wear for engagement photos at Vizcaya Museum?

Wear outfits for your engagement session that match your style and personality... in other words, clothes that ‘feel like you’.

You are welcome to bring two outfits for each of you.

Vizcaya is a very elegant venue so I strongly recommend to go with a Cocktail/Evening Attire.

Color outfit for her: Red,Black, Blue or Green.

10 Style Tips for engagement photos outfits

  1. Be comfortable. Select clothing that fits well and that compliments your figure.20Try to avoid clothing with logos... otherwise, you run the risk of looking like an ad for your favorite retailer.
  2. Try to avoid being “matchy-matchy”. Instead, try to coordinate your outfit selections.
  3. Solid Bright Colors dresses works Great, : Blue, Red, Green, White and Blackworl really good against the Vizcaya Gardens.
  4. LONG DRESSES with Flow always look amazing
  6. Jackets for Men: Lighter Blue, Black
  7. Select outfits that compliment each other in color, style, and level of formality
  8. Email me couple of images and I can help you decide.
  9. Don’t forget the details! Accessories, nails, shoes. The level of care on even the little things can add up! A fresh manicure, polished shoes and even the simplest earrings can create a more styled look.
  10. Don’t Stress!! Engagement sessions are low-pressure and fun... especially with a little liquid courage (aka happy hour). You might even consider having a date night after your session so you can enjoy an evening together!