Universalist National Memorial Church Wedding
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Universalist National Memorial Church Wedding

Universalist National Memorial Church Wedding

This is a recessional from a wedding at Universalist National Memorial Church in Washington DC.

This Unitarian Universalist church is located near Dupont Circle.

The church can comfortably seat 250 attendees in the main cathedral and up to 50 in the mini cathedral.

The fee associated with getting married at this venue is . around $1/00

the Religion is liberal, Christian, Universalist congregation in the heart of Washington, DC,

They welcome non-church members to have their weddings there — including divorced persons, interethnic and interfaith couples, and same-sex couples.

The “mini cathedral” can accommodate weddings both large (up to 250 attendees) and tiny (just the two of you and your officiant) and every size in between. Our location near Dupont Circle puts many wonderful restaurants and other reception venues within easy reach.

Payment of a $500 deposit is required to confirm your dat

Note that all Sanctuary, Chapel, and Full Chancel weddings during the summer (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day) carry a $150 “summer surcharge” because of the need to turn on the air conditioning 24 hours in advance to ensure that the large, open space will be comfortable for you and your guests.

weekend prices apply to Saturday, Sunday, and Federal holidays.

Weekday prices apply to non-holiday Monday-Friday dates.

In calculating the total price for your event, be sure to include the following:

• Refundable $500 (due at time of booking)

• Space fee and summer surcharge,

No rice, birdseed, or flower petals, real or synthetic, may be strewn or scattered on the entrance stairs or sidewalk in front of the church.so Bubbles is the perfect option.

Location: 1810 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20009.

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