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Vizcaya Museum and Garden: Elopements Weddings and Intimate Ceremonies

Imagine having all this to yourself! Vizcaya's waterfront gardens are just the escape you've been looking for your micro wedding elopement destination. A quiet garden ceremony with those you love most and acres of Italian formal gardens, A little piece of Venice in Miami.

Vizcaya’s gardens are a symphony of symmetry, from the reflective pools to the intricate parterres, here are the best location where you can take pictures at:

Top Locations at Vizcaya:

These are the top locations for wedding photography at the Vizcaya Museum and Garden.

  • Tea House

  • Stone Barge

The Stone Barge, an emblem for Vizcaya, is a partly submerged stone breakwater “ship” that is covered with mermaids and other mythical creatures, sculpted by Alexander Stirling Calder.

Mermaids over the years have been slowly changing shape, because of erosion, due that they are build of limestone,. Limestone is a soft rock and is vulnerable to Hurricanes. FACT: Did you know that the mermaids have two tails? One tail curls on the side of the Barge with singular fin at the end.

The Barge reminds me to Venice, Italy. actually during parties they would take gondolas to the stone ship,

This is a great location for nautical theme weddings (or if you want an epic background for your cocktail party).

Pillar Candles along the stairs create a romantic lead way to the water.

  • Secret Garden:

Charming little garden, filled with beautiful plants, has 3 entrances. The Main Garden entrance is beautiful decorated with alcoves with stalactites hanging down from the ceilings which in the old days had water running down.

The Secret Garden is unlike any other garden at Vizcaya, filled with succulents, cacti and limestone grottos. Part of the charm of Vizcaya's formal gardens is that they were made to work like rooms in a home, each with space with a distinct design and purpose.

Did you know this special statue is a throne fit for Aphrodite?

FACT: This was originally design for orchids and didn't work

  • The Casino:"The Garden Mound"

Also knows as" The Garden Mound", Are you wondering if they did a lot of gambling there and that is the reason they call it " "Casino" , YES and NO, this was the location were the owner of Vizcaya with his guest, they will play cards and read.

Casino in italian means: "Little house", It has the Best Aerial views of Vizcaya gardens, it is on the top of the gardens where you can access through the center or sides famous steps. On the rooftop has a little deck, that was also use for entertainment

The Garden Mound is an artificial hill created to block reflective light, will stop the glare coming from the lagoon and will not allow guest to enjoy the gardens view from the house.

FACT: Did yo know it was film an Ironman Movie at this part of Vizcaya, learn more on how many movies where film at Vizcaya museum here

  • Garden Mound Oval Plaza

Right in front of thee casino it is a big plaza surround of beautiful trees and tropical plants

  • Easter Terrace

  • Main House

The weathered patina of the main house (the mansion) creates the perfect engagement aesthetic, one that is echoed by the old-world beauty and charm of the stone features and gazebos. To me, old-world beauty means …Editorial, Drama. I incorporate that into your photos sing different type of lighting that display thus beautiful features of this Landmark

Inside, the French-inspired mansion offers several decadent photo locations, including the main staircase and library (in case you wanted a Beauty and the Beast aesthetic for your photos), and a balcony that overlooks the magnificent estate.

FACT: Did you know the symbol of Vizcaya is depicted in the Main House stained glass window?

  • South Terrace

  • The Orchidarium

Originally call "Long lawn", surrounded by woodlawn, decorated with Orchids, dedicated to the owners kids
  • Center Island

  • Great Banyan Trees

They have 5 in total around the village ,

  • Theater

  • Lily Pools

  • Garden Maze Garden

  • Fountain Garden:

Fill with Black water now after so many years of not have water, they have decided to fill with water, to stop visitors to climb on it , and since the waters turn green very quickly so quickly that decided to tinted black for esthetics.

  • Rockland Hammock

  • Mangrove Natural Forest

  • Formal Gardens

  • Marine Gardens

  • ORchidorum

Also known as the Peacock Bridge or Peacock Garden thanks to statues by 20th-century sculptor Gaston Lachaise. Looking for an unique area that most people miss at Vizcaya, ho to The Marine gardens. This is the most occult, intimate but intriguing, nobody will guess where your photos where taken.

  • Vizcaya swimming POOL Grotto

The Grotto is located tacked away on the north side of the Main House in front of the orchidorium, It is accesible only from the exterior was created by American muralist Robert Withrop Chanler, he had created amazing work for the wealthiest families of the 1900s, and Vizcaya is one of the three places in the entire world where the public can experience his work

Tips & Recommendations for Elopements weddings and Intimate Daytime Ceremonies


Since you're getting married at the venue, you don't need a photo permit. This requirement is different if you're having an engagement session at this location.

Daytime Intimate Ceremony fees:

Fee: $1,500 (up to 25 guests)

Each additional guest: $25 (up to 25 additional, max 50 guest)

Daytime ceremonies are also available at Vizcaya for small weddings. You can held wedding ceremony at the garden with up to 25 people including the photographer, you and your guest will have no access to the Main house.

I recommend using the Vizcaya Cafe, as an option to setup a pre o post cocktail hour ceremony since you are not allowed to bring any food or drinks from outside.

Vizcaya is available for rent all year around except mayor holidays.

Traditional weddings at Vizcaya Evening Weddings:

You can rent the venue during 6:30 p.m - 11 p.m.

The rental fee for during that time are: on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday is $12500. The rental fee for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday is $7,500. Extra hours are $1,500 per hour.

This fee includes 125 guest, additional guest cost is $ 5 per guest

Please check Vizcaya Museum and Gardens website for additional fees.

Museum and Garden History:

Commonly referred to as the Gilded Age estate, the Vizcaya mansions were built in the late-1800s by Parisian, James Deering (one of the richest bachelors in South Florida). Its expansive 43 acres of Renaissance gardens and preservation woodland recede into a mangrove shoreline, making it a perfect backdrop for your engagement photos.

The Museum overlooks the National Historic Landmark, Biscayne Bay, and with its majestic, late-1800s architecture and stunning gardens.


Vizcaya Museum And Gardens


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