Miami Engagement Photos: Matheson Hammock Park

This Gallery features my favorites photos as a Miami engagement photographer at one of the Top Location for engagement photos: Matheson Hammock Park.

If you are looking for a fresh, modern Boho Rustic candid style photos along with a private and quiet scenery, this park is perfect.

Matheson Hammock Park has two distinct aspects that separates it from other parks: a display of ancient Miami Hammock and a waterfront with a man-made atoll pool on Biscayne Bay.

Great Photography backdrops:

  • Trees with hanging moss
  • Tropical Beachy Look
  • Sunset by the Ocean
  • Marina Lovers
  • Miami skyline View

Matheson Hammock Park is a beautiful park with an unique feature- a man made atoll pool that flows naturally with the tidal action of nearby Biscayne Bay.

The Lagoon with the breathtaking view of the Miami skyline in the background

Matheson Hammock Trail - showcases a remaining piece of the ancient Miami Hammock. The Trail at Matheson Hammock Park immerses you in a tropical forest and gives a sense of wonder and adventure.

The coral rock is native to the area and water flows between the rocks creating a serene effect in the water, leading to a clean pool in which to swim. As It is located near Biscayne Bay there is a location with sand perfect for sunbathing and lounging.

The shade of the park gives the feeling of a jungle, and it connects to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. A nature trail through historic coral rock picnic pavilions across Old Cutler Road into the tropical trees and rugged limestone oolite.

This is a stunning location to take pictures, an example of a perfect location is the lagoon that reveals a breathtaking view of the Miami skyline accompanied by the irresistible drive through the mangroves.

This is great location, closer alternative to South Beach and Key Biscayne. It consist of soft white sand, palm trees, and a refreshing sea breeze. The tropical feel the beach creates with coconut trees and large palm trees towering over the area is what really sets this place apart.

F.A.Q about Matheson Hammock Park engagemeNt Sessions

No, however an Admission Fee: $5 on Weekdays; $7 on Weekend is requires
The address of Matheson Hammock Park is: 9610 OLD CUTLER RD, MIAMI, FL 33156, Located South of Coral Gables what is known as Coral Gables Estates.
Wear outfits for your engagement session that match your style and personality... in other words, clothes that ‘feel like you’.
You are welcome to bring two outfits for each of you. For example, one outfit can be casual and the other more dressy. Choose clothes and accessories that you feel confident in and that flatter your unique shape and size. Pretend you’re going on a date, and you’ll look great! And if you decide to go on a date after the engagement session, then you’re ready to go!

Style Tips
  • Choose clothing and accessories that represent your style and that you feel great in.
  • Brides... consider having your hair and makeup done for your session. Having a professional hair and/or makeup stylist prep you for your session is a great way to pamper yourself - even if your outfits are relaxed and casual.
  • Be comfortable. Select clothing that fits well and that compliments your figure.
  • Try to avoid clothing with logos... otherwise, you run the risk of looking like an ad for your favorite retailer.
  • Try to avoid being “matchy-matchy”. Instead, try to coordinate your outfit selections.
  • Solid Bright Colors dresses works Great, Neutral Colors such as Nude, White, beige, black and dark green
  • LONG DRESSES with Flow always look amazing
  • Jackets for Men.
  • Select outfits that compliment each other in color, style, and level of formality
  • Don’t be afraid to bring a couple of different outfits.: you can send me a couple of images and I can help you decide.
  • Layers and texture translate great on camera! So don’t be afraid to layer jewelry, scarves, sweaters, jackets, or any combination in order to create depth in your outfits
  • Don’t forget the details! Accessories, nails, shoes. The level of care on even the little things can add up! A fresh manicure, polished shoes, and even the simplest earrings can create a more styled look.
  • Don’t Stress!! Engagement sessions are low-pressure and fun... especially with a little liquid courage (aka happy hour). You might even consider having a date night after your session so you can enjoy an evening together!

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