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How to take maternity photos with your partner

How to Take Maternity Photos with Your Partner

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a special time for you and your family. Whether this is your first or one of many pregnancies, nothing equals the excitement and bonding of these precious nine months. The best way to remember these magical moments (before the sleepless nights and potty training!) is to book a couple's maternity photoshoot in Miami.

Doing a photoshoot with your partner captures the joy and expectation, while giving you both a lovely keepsake of your changing body and radiant glow. If there are other children in the home, you can involve them as well! After all, an in-utero baby is part of the family, so make a day of it and do a family portrait.

When booking a couples or family maternity photoshoot in Miami, or attempting to do your own husband and wife maternity photos, keep these tips in mind:

Pets Count Too

Furry friends are part of the family, so don’t be shy about including your dog, cat, or other pet – as long as they are well behaved. You can expect kitty to wander around a bit, so holding her is a good idea. Dogs that are trained to sit and stay make for the best photos. Dogs that are not trained and are running out of the frame make for…well.. comical photos. Remember, this is a photo to show off your growing family. Include all the members you wish, including pets, but remember that the shoot should be fun and relaxing for all, including Fido.


Hands-on-belly photos create an instant intimacy and you can bet baby is smiling in there as it feels touched by all that love. You’ll be smiling too as it is impossible not to feel a sense of awe and wonder about the new life on the way. Photos of couples touching, rubbing, or holding the woman’s baby bump are always ideal, and should be a part of every couples maternity shoot in Miami.

Expose the Belly

Be prepared to show off that baby bump, and hubby should be prepared to go bare chested too. Don’t be shy! Having a baby is the most natural thing in the world and both bodies should be celebrated for this achievement. A sports bra or crop top, or even some lovingly placed scarfs or other draping for her and a bare chest for him make lovely photos. If he’s a bit shy, he can go with a plain shirt – nothing fancy – to keep the focus on the love the couple share.

Wander in Nature

Studio shots with lighting are great, but there is something ethereal about an expecting couple out in nature. Kick off those shoes and hold hands under a canopy of trees, relax by the waterside, gaze at a pond from a bridge – these types of outdoor couples maternity shoots have a relaxed, elemental feel and always provide great results.

Maternity Photographer in Miami

Moments are fleeting, especially moments where you and your partner are enjoying a pregnancy. Make time stop and remember the moments forever with the best couples maternity photography in Miami. I have years of experience photographing couples and women in all stages of pregnancy. Contact me today to learn more, and don’t forget to also check out my newborn photography services.

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