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20 Amazing Places for Miami Engagement Photos

Historically referred to as the “Magic City,” Miami is known for its rapid population growth. In fact, in the early 1900s, there was such an extreme population boom that canals were dug in an attempt to drain the Everglades. A 1,400-mile canal, levee, and water control system was developed, diverting Everglade water to the cities and transforming the newly usable land into sugarcane farmland. That isn’t the only connection Miami has to water, though. The city was named after the Miami River, connecting it to the indigenous Mayaimi Tribe, who lived in the area at the time of European colonization. And, of course, there is the all-too-well-known Miami beach. It’s history, popularity, and its unique geographical features all lend to Miami’s popularity as a tourist destination—but it also makes for a great engagement photo destination!

Fees and Permits

Warning for the wise: don’t head to your photo venue without looking into the photography permits and fees you will need. Your photographer should have insights into the information you will need to know, but permits and fees are typically venue-specific. You may need a different kind depending on where you are trying to shoot, so make sure you double check ahead of time and bring all the proper paperwork with you to the shoot.

Top Miami Photo Locations

Don’t settle for any Miami location: make your engagement photos truly stand out with these top 20 spots for highlighting that magical moment.

  • 1-The Design District:

Have some fun with your engagement shoot by taking advantage of the spontaneity of Miami’s artistic murals.

  • 2-Wynwood walls:

for another opportunity for a colorful and expressive shoot, head to the Wynwood walls!

  • 3-Miami Skyline:

Miami has a skyline like no other. Make sure you take advantage of it—especially when its at its most vibrant, during sunrise and sunset.

  • 4-Miami Airports:

Want to connote your sense of adventure in your engagement photos? Try using the airport as a background. You can catch some fun shots—and it’s especially great if you are planning to elope or book a resort for the actual wedding ceremony.

  • 5- Matheson Hammock Park:

Stage your photos around the gorgeous lagoon with the Miami skyline as your backdrop.

  • 6-Prado Entrance:

Looking for a piazza structure? Look no further than the archways, pedestal fountains, and reflecting pool of the Prado Entrance at Coral Gables.

  • 7-Miami Railroad Station:

Whether you are aiming for retro 50s or steampunk, the Miami Railroad Station has all the character you need for the perfect engagement photos.

  • 8-Bill Bags National Park:

Located at the South part of Key Biscayne, Bill Bags National Park can offer gorgeous backgrounds featuring the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

  • 9-Crandon Park

Ready to embrace your outdoor lifestyle in your engagement shoot? Head to Crandon Park to feature your love for kayaking in your photos!

  • 10-Vizcaya Museum and Gardens:

Why not choose one of Miami’s hidden gems, right in the heart of Coconut Grove, for a vintage, artistic engagement shoot?

  • 11-South Pointe Park:

Want a beach shoot that still features the Miami skyline in the background? Head to the beautiful South Pointe Park.

  • 12-Biltmore Hotel:

Looking for grandeur, stunning architecture, and all the romance you can get? Enjoy the vibrant color palette of hand painted ceilings in the Biltmore Hotel lobby.

  • 13-Charles Deering State:

Want some Miami history in your engagement photos? Head to the Charles Deering Estate for a shoot alongside the historic stone structures.

  • 14-Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden:

Nothing says elegance and romance like a botanical garden—especially when it features an array of tropical plants and flowers.

  • 15-The Ancient Spanish Monastery:

Head to the monastery for the most stunning European stone architecture, beautiful gardens, and whimsical courtyard around.

  • 16-Tree Tops Park:

Looking for engagement photos that will take you on an adventure outside of Miami’s typical ambiance? Tree tops park is an oasis of ancient live oaks, tropical hammocks, and wetlands—you’ll think you’re on a safari, not in the heart of Miami.

  • 17-Downtown Miami:

Nothing says a Miami engagement shoot like the downtown backdrop. Take advantage of the one-of-a-kind architecture and the fun shops and patios during your shoot.

  • 18-The Ranch:

If you want rustic charm in your background—or a fantasy-level horseback proposal—head to one of Miami’s many ranches for a horse-drawn engagement shoot like no other.

  • 19-Sunny Isles Pier:

Catch some great backdrops of the beach or ocean by taking your engagement shoot to the fishing pier. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch some amazing sunset photos with this proximity to the water!

  • 20-Miami Beach:

Take advantage of one of the most iconic locations in Miami. Catch some surfers in the background of your engagement photos, or hop on a surfboard yourself for a more creative and adventurous shoot.

  • 21-The Gold Coast Railroad Museum:

If you like 50's decade well this is the perfect location for you, Old fashioned Pullmans, engines, and dining cars will be the perfect backdrop.

  • 22-Perez Art Museum Miami :

Previously Known as Miami Art Museum, will be a unique Modern backdrop surrend by amazing architecture and art


Miami is one of those places that stays gorgeous year-round—which is part of what makes it so perfect for engagement shoots.

Time of Day

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to capture the adventurous magnificence of Miami by scheduling your engagement shoot at night.


Make sure you plan your attire to suit your location—some dresses just don’t look as good under water as others do.

Miami engagement photos Tips

Don’t waste an amazing photo opportunity on an inexperienced photographer. Choose a photographer whose portfolio shows they have experience shooting in the settings you are drawn to. For instance, some settings require a photographer with a more artistic eye, while others require expertise in vintage ambiance. Choosing the right photographer will make a world of difference—regardless of where you choose to shoot your Miami engagement photos. Check out Claudia Oliver’s portfolio for an example of a photographer who can bring as much artistic talent to her photos as period-specific style.