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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Miami wedding

Vizcaya Miami wedding:

Are you looking to book your Vizcaya Museum and Gardens engagement photos? The Vizcaya Museum overlooks the National Historic Landmark, Biscayne Bay, and with it's majestic, late-1800s architecture and stunning gardens, it’s no wonder it’s the top destination for engagement photos and wedding photos.

this image was taken at "the Stone Barge" a Spanish caravel – a boat associated with past explorers – an emblem for Vizcaya, is the best setting for a Cocktail hour at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

What Makes Vizcaya Engagement Photos so Memorable?

Your wedding is going to be amazing, but you’re going to have a lot going on that day, and while the focus of a wedding is always going to be the happy couple, a wedding is also about capturing the moments spent with the people the couple love and want around them the most.

The engagement photos, on the other hand, is just about the couple. You don’t want just any photo to commemorate your love and commitment to each other in the time leading up to your wedding—the all-important engagement moment should carry its own weight, and that’s why a lot of couples make an adventure out of traveling to one of the most beautiful places to get their Vizcaya engagement photos.

Of course, the venue isn’t everything. You also want to make sure you have the right photographer to capture those important moments when all of the focus is shared just between the two of you. That means finding a photographer who has the right equipment for the shoot, and who can explain to you how that equipment comes together to create the perfect effect. Further, you need a photographer whose photographic style matches that of the venue—otherwise your Vizcaya engagement photos may as well have been taken on any old street.

That’s where Claudia Oliver comes in. Her expertise, on the venue and keen eye for creating beautifully elegant modern editorial photography will compliment the Vizcaya’s history and “Jay Gatsby” aesthetic.

Why do so Many Couples Choose the Vizcaya for Their Engagement Photos?

Commonly referred to as the Gilded Age estate, the Vizcaya mansions were built in the late-1800s by Parisian, James Deering (one of the richest bachelors in South Florida). Its expansive 43 acres of Renaissance gardens and preservation woodland recede into a mangrove shoreline, making it a perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. The weathered patina of the mansion creates the perfect engagement aesthetic, one that is echoed by the old-world beauty and charm of the stone features and gazebos. Inside, the French-inspired mansion offers a number of decadent photo locations, including the main staircase and library (in case you wanted a Beauty and the Beast aesthetic for your photos), and a balcony that overlooks the magnificent estate. Other key areas to consider for your Vizcaya engagement photos include the tea house, the secret garden, the terraces, the maze garden, the fountain garden, and the Vizcaya Stone Barge—a partly submerged stone breakwater “ship” that is covered with mermaids and other mythical creatures, sculpted by Alexander Stirling Calder.

13 Top locations to photograph at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida :

  • Tea House

  • Vizcaya Stone Barge “The Ship”
  • Secret garden
  • Easter terrace
  • Main House
  • South Terrace
  • Center island
  • Theater
  • Garden Maze garden
  • Fountain garden
  • Garden Mound Oval Plaza
  • Rockland Hammock- Mangroove natural forest
  • Terraces and gardens

Vizcaya Museum Photo permit fees :

A photo permit is required at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, this fee provides entry for up to 5 people, including the client and the photographer:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday $ 250.

The weekend is $350 (Tuesday is Closed)

Location: 3251 South Miami Ave. Miami FL. 33129.

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