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Classic Elegant Wedding photography: Epiphany Church

Classic Elegant Wedding photography at The Epiphany Church

This is an absolutely beautiful iteration of a modern Catholic church.
The architecture is lovely. The interior is simpler looking then you might expect for this beautiful neighborhood.

Epiphany is one of the most impressive church buildings in this city in my opinion. However, what makes this a bit different than most of the other churches that were reviewed because of their beauty or appearance is that Epiphany isn't old and loaded with statues and ornamental architecture, but it's relatively new (built-in 2001) and simpler-looking. From the exterior, this church looks like a large, relatively boxy stone and glass structure. However, when you're inside the 1,200 seat sanctuary, there are wooden slats that form a huge arch over the congregation, making it feel almost like a gothic-style building inside. The church is built in the form of a cross (basilica-style) so there is seating in front of and to both sides of the altar. The crown jewel is a 61 rank pipe organ which was designed and constructed by the Ruffatti organ company of Italy (they also built the pipe organ for Robert Schuller's "Crystal Cathedral" that you may have seen on TV). Much time and effort were spent to ensure that this church is nearly acoustically perfect and that the organ, sound systems, and the structure itself are all integrated.

Marriage Requirements

The Archdiocese of Miami, also vigilant about the seriousness of entering into a lifelong union, has issued special regulations regarding marriage between minors and up to nineteen (19) years of age. Epiphany supports and observes this regulation.

Require a ten to the twelve-month period prior to the wedding.

Times of weddings at Epiphany


7:00 p.m. or earlier


2:00 p.m. or earlier

No evening weddings on Saturdays.

Contact Info for The Epiphany Church:

8235 SW 57th Ave Miami FL 33143

(305) 667-4911

Planning a wedding at

Location: 8235 SW 57th Ave Miami FL 33143.

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